The routine we follow to look after your pets

We follow the same routine for your pets as we do for our own. If our pets deserve it, so do yours.

Each morning, guests receive fresh water, hay, and selection of grass, fruit and veg depending upon your (and their!) preference as well as a bowl of their usual dry food. There is a visual check of their coats, eyes, and general behaviour - a change in behaviour is often the first sign of illness.

Then it's playtime as guests take their turns in our large playpens and can have all the exercise and fun they want climbing up bridges and running through tunnels and all the other entertaining and comical things they like to get up to.

Fresh water and lots of succulent fruit and veg are always available.

We use the time we pick up your pets and transfer them to our playpens or runs to check their health. We check the skin for abscesses, cuts, ringworm and mites, the coat is checked for its condition and for any bald patches, we check under the paws and nails, we check the eyes for discharges - basically, we check everything. Rabbits are checked for flystrike, which can be fatal.

While in the playpen we clean out your pets' hutches. Once a day we clean them, and once every other day we will put in completely fresh bedding. We're big believers in hygiene and hate dirty hutches just as much as the guineas and rabbits.

Then it's time for the second meal of the day, and pets are put to bed in their hutches and we say goodnight and leave them in our secure outbuilding to catch up on their sleep.