All About The Pet Hotel

We are situared just off Whittle Lane, in Birch, Heywood. We're only about 8 miles from Manchester City Centre. For a better idea of where we are, please see our Where We Are page.

We have been cavy and rabbit lovers for several years, and recently moved our pets' hutches to a large outbuilding we have which became vacant. This extra space meant we could build a larger living area for our guinea pigs, and had much more space to store our hay and shavings and other stuff. So our two guinea pigs became four, and our one rabbit gained a friend (see
Our Pets ).

Then one day, when talking about holidays, it dawned upon us that people with rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals may want the kind of boarding service available in kennels and catteries for dogs and cats when they're on holiday or moving house.

So we looked around for a place we'd be happy to board our own pets, and found not one place in our whole area offering anything like the care a responsible pet owner would expect for their pets. What we did find were dismal pet shops, and expensive dog kennels and catteries - neither of which are suitable places for guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small mammals.

And given that we have abundant space, and spend a lot (maybe too much!) time with our pets, why don't we offer a service like that?

So, after a couple of months of thinking and research and preparation, we started Whittle Valley Pet Hotel.