Links To Some Other Websites

There are lots of cavy and rabbit sites on the net, here are some we like the best:
The Rabbit Welfare Association, full of good info for rabbit lovers.
Guinea Pig Rehome - Why not rescue a Guinea instead of buying from a pet shop?
Vet Click - directory of pet services
Comfy Cavies - a brilliant and well-made Guinea Pig site, go on the care tab and click on Behaviour, then scroll down to hear the legendary Guinea Pig song. We've never been lucky enough to hear this, probably because ours are too busy eating to sing!
Cavy Rescue - another great Guinea Pig rescue site. The wonderfully caring people who made this site have included lots of great info and we really do admire them.
The Language of Lagomorphs  - Learn to speak fluent rabbit (and damage your eyesight - there's a LOT of pages to read). No joke!
Rabbit Rehome - Why not rehome an abandoned Rabbit and spread some happiness?
Good directory for all sorts of pet services.
Galen's Garden offers natural products for your pet, along with much good quality info on their care.